Atok Natural

Atok Natural

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Specialty Arabica

Flavor Notes: Caramel, Red Apple, Plum

Origin: Atok, Benguet

Varietal: Bourbon & Typica

Elevation: 1500-1700 masl

The trek to the mountainous terrain of Atok, Benguet is definitely not a walk in the park. But our partner farmers brave the cliffs of the scenic estate to produce high-quality specialty arabica coffees.

Atok, Benguet

Benguet is a top producer of quality Arabica coffees in the Philippines. They focus on coffee cultivation and encourage locals to grow coffee in their backyards and small-scale lots.

Aside from sourcing coffee from this origin in Northern Luzon, we partner with farming communities in Benguet to help them improve their processes and the quality of their coffees in the long run.


We roast your coffee with obsessive precision to bring out each bean’s unique qualities. Enjoy the perfect roast in every cup.