Marietta Lidem Natural Green Coffee Beans 1kg

Marietta Lidem Natural Green Coffee Beans 1kg

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Flavor notes: Tropical Fruits, Candy, Honey Cherry, Hazelnut

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Marietta Lidem Natural Green Coffee Beans 1kg

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Farmer: Marietta Lidem

Varietal: Robusta

Elevation: 900 MASL

Experience the exquisite coffee of Marietta Lidem, meticulously cultivated in the enchanting region of Ilocos Sur, Philippines. Each sip transports you to a tropical paradise as the flavors of luscious tropical fruits intertwine with the delightful essence of candy, creating a whimsical sensation. The natural sweetness of honey cherry adds a touch of elegance, while the subtle hints of hazelnut bring depth and richness to the cup. With a notable cupping score of 83.94, Marietta Lidem’s coffee secured fourth place in the robusta category of the esteemed Philippine Coffee Quality Competition. 

Indulge in this natural-processed gem and savor the passion and dedication that went into crafting this remarkable coffee from the heart of Ilocos Sur.

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Farmer Story

Marietta Lidem

Ilocos Sur is the land of the best robusta coffee in the Philippines, with nine out of 12 top spots in the 2023 Philippine Coffee Quality Competition.

From the mountainous town of Gregorio Del Pilar to the heritage city of Vigan, you can find cozy cafes and artful brews that showcase the rich flavor and aroma of Ilocos Sur coffee. It's a coffee lover's paradise in the north.


We roast your coffee with obsessive precision to bring out each bean’s unique qualities. Enjoy the perfect roast in every cup.