Rudy Paltican Washed

Rudy Paltican Washed

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Flavor notes: Apricot, Pineapple, Honey

Origin: Banguitan, Besao, Mountain Province

Varietal: Bourbon & Typica

Elevation: 1600 masl

Rudy Paltican is one of our hardworking partner farmers from Mt. Province. Rudy's one-of-a-kind coffee is something you should never miss trying out.

These wash-processed beans will enchant you with its tasting notes.

Banguitan, Besao, Mountain Province

Mountain Province possesses an ideal environment suited to cultivate Specialty Arabica coffees. Thanks to local government projects, the rightful development of roads and Science & Technology-based Farms (STBFs) led to ramping up the estate's coffee quality and production.

It is a great experience to meet and partner with excellent coffee growers from Mt. Province. And up until today, we are on a mission to discover farming communities, help them elevate their farming and processing methods, and bring their best coffees to you.


We roast your coffee with obsessive precision to bring out each bean’s unique qualities. Enjoy the perfect roast in every cup.