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Our expression, Love Your Origin, embodies our commitment to uplift local coffee farming communities and promote the sustainable growth of Philippine specialty coffee. We take great pride in our locally grown coffees and the skilled farmers who cultivate them.

Since 2016, we have been deeply involved in every step of the farm-to-cup journey. From cultivating and harvesting coffee to processing, roasting, and collaborating with local coffee producers and farming communities across the Philippines, we have dedicated ourselves to delivering sustainable and world-class local coffee.

Our goal is to invite every Filipino to Love Your Origin and celebrate the unique and delicious specialty coffees found across the country. Join us in our mission to elevate Philippine coffee and support local farmers and communities.

Philippine Coffee Quality Competition

In our commitment to elevate Philippine coffee, Curve is supporting farmers who have demonstrated excellence in the recently concluded PCQC by promoting their coffees and partnering with the communities they represent. This is an expression of the Circle of Inclusiveness we foster at Curve.

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let's elevate philippine coffee

by allowing more people to enjoy world-class flavors and discover our local origins.

Their initiatives and programs really give importance to not just the products but to the hard work of our Filipino Coffee Farmer.

John Paul B. of Serious Shopping PH


We make sure your coffee beans are perfectly roasted every time

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