V60 Dripper

V60 Dripper

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Coffee to Water Ratio 1:15

Coffee = 20g
Filtered Water = 300mL
Temperature = 90 to 92°C
Grind Size = Medium
Grinder Used = Electric Grinder

Prepare the following:

  • Ground coffee (medium)
  • Water (90 to 92°C)
  • V60, paper filter, server
  • Scale and timer

Time to Brew!

  1. Place your V60 on your coffee server and add your paper filter.
  2. Rinse the paper filter with your hot water. Doing so pre-heats your server and removes any paper-like taste in your brew. Take out water from the server.
  3. Add ground coffee into your paper filter and level the grounds by slightly tapping the V60 sideways.
  4. Place your V60 and coffee server on your scale, then tare.
  5. Start your timer. Pour water up to 45mL for 30 seconds in a circular motion. (1st pour). Make sure all your coffee grounds are saturated with water for them to bloom.
  6. Pour up to 100mL in a circular motion (2nd pour).
  7. Pour up to 200mL in a circular motion (3rd pour).
  8. Pour up to 300mL (last pour).
  9. End brewing around 2:15 to 2:30 minutes.
  10. Remove your V60 then swirl your server vigorously to mix the components of your brew. This also allows your coffee to cool down and let the flavors come out naturally. Savor the aroma.
  11. Serve, and enjoy your freshly brewed coffee!