Curve Coffee Collaborators CEO Cherry Cruz with the USDA and PhilCAFE representative at Curve Cafe Davao

The Philippine Coffee Industry Transformed by the PhilCAFE Project

PhilCAFE is a five-year collaborative effort between the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and ACDI/VOCA. Read more about some of the most notable programs they initiated.
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At Curve, we are set to work towards bigger goals for the local coffee industry as a local roaster and advocate for quality Philippine coffee. In this blog, we want to highlight the Philippine Coffee Advancement and Farm Enterprise (PhilCAFE) project and the shift it brought to the local coffee industry.

This project has changed the Philippine coffee industry and forged strong alliances and partnerships with relevant organizations across the Philippines. We'll take you through the journey of PhilCAFE and its impact on the coffee industry.

About the Project and How It Helped the Philippine Coffee Industry

PhilCAFE is a five-year collaborative effort between the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and ACDI/VOCA. Its primary goal is to revolutionize the Philippine coffee sector by empowering coffee farmers, enhancing their skills, and improving the quality and productivity of coffee production in the Philippines. Over five years, here are only a few of the most notable programs they initiated. 

Curve Coffee Collaborators CEO Cherry Cruz hosting a cupping workshop for the young farmers in Bukidnon

Youth Engagement

In 2019, PhilCAFE made headlines for its ability to engage the youth in the Philippine coffee sector. They pushed programs to make agriculture an attractive career choice for them, creating a sustainable future for the Philippine coffee industry.

By partnering with local schools and educational institutions, it introduced young Filipinos to the world of coffee farming. They organized workshops, seminars, and hands-on experiences, igniting a passion for coffee in the hearts of the youth.


farmer handpicking coffee cherries

Skills Training and Empowerment

PhilCAFE recognized that empowering farmers (both men and women) with knowledge and skills is pivotal to this project's success. It provided extensive training programs and resources to improve farming techniques, processing methods, and quality control for producing Philippine arabica and robusta beans.

Through this, many coffee farmers across the Philippines have learned to produce beans that meet global standards. This shift towards high-quality coffee has not only raised the reputation of local coffee but has also opened up export opportunities, allowing Philippine coffee to reach global markets.

Strengthening the Local Coffee Community

This project inspired a sense of community among coffee farmers, experts, and even coffee consumers. Through training sessions, workshops, and community events, PhilCAFE has created a strong support network. This allowed everyone to openly exchange their knowledge, stories, experiences, and best practices, ultimately strengthening the bond of local coffee communities.

Market Access

PhilCAFE enabled access to wider markets for Philippine coffee through its connections and partnerships. Filipino coffee farmers had the chance to showcase their quality coffees to a global audience by participating in international trade fairs and exhibitions. This exposure led to an increased demand for Philippine coffee both domestically and internationally.

While the PhilCAFE project has achieved many milestones, its success wouldn't be complete without acknowledging the contributions of its many partners and collaborators. Curve Coffee Collaborators and the Barista and Coffee Academy of Asia, among others, have been substantial partners of the PhilCAFE project in advancing coffee quality awareness, skills training, and coffee education across the Philippines. 


Curve Coffee Caravan session with the local coffee community in Davao

In the Philippines, where coffee is not just a beverage but a culture, the PhilCAFE project has undeniably left a mark. In five years, it has paved and established the way for a better future for Filipino coffee farmers and coffee enthusiasts alike. The project might have drawn to a close, but its purpose and goal live on. We at Curve will continue to do our part and support the local coffee sector in its future advancement plans and endeavors.

You can be a part of this coffee movement in your own ways, too! Stay updated with local coffee happenings and continue supporting quality Philippine coffee.

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