Lake Napalit Natural

Lake Napalit Natural

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Specialty Arabica

Flavor Notes: Jasmine, Lemongrass, Strawberry, Jackfruit

Origin: Pigtauranan, Bukidnon

Varietal: Sweet Coffee, Heirloom

Elevation: 1300 masl

Feeling a little fancy? This highly coveted sweet coffee and heirloom varietal from Lake Napalit has a gentle yet complex flavor to keep you wanting more.

Pigtauranan, Bukidnon

Bukidnon is a rising coffee producer in Mindanao, producing Specialty Arabica and Fine Robusta coffees. This origin is home to the sought-after sweet coffee heirloom variety, a rare gem in the coffee world.

Our long-term partnership and collaboration with the local farming cooperative in Bukidnon have enabled the community to elevate their coffees and sustainable farming methods. This origin has been gaining acclaim year by year, making their coffees a must-try.


We roast your coffee with obsessive precision to bring out each bean’s unique qualities. Enjoy the perfect roast in every cup.